Knicks JR Smith Regrets TwitPic of Tahiry’s Booty & Causing Joe Budden to be Sad


Talk about the power of the internet.

BSO was the first site to report on the exchange between JR Smith and Joe Budden’s Ex Tahiry along with the backstory (Knicks JR Smith Tweets Joe Budden EX Tahiry’s Ass in Hotel). It is a fascinating story that I suggest you read. It has photos and videos that illustrates exactly what was going on.

24 hours later the story has blown on all over the Internet and the pic of JR and Tahiry has been passed around like well…..Tahiry.

If JR Smith didn’t know the power of online media, he does now.

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith said he regrets posting a photo of a scantily clad woman on his Twitter account.

“I didn’t know it was going to be as big deal as it is now,” Smith said after the Knicks’ loss at Milwaukee on Friday. “I definitely regret it. It takes away from our team. Anytime I do anything that takes away from our team, I’m definitely going to regret it.”

“A few people talked to me about it,” Smith said. “It’s not the smartest move. I understand that now. I just have to be smarter in my decisions.”

I thought it broke a few man codes, but didn’t feel the need for an apology. The Knicks lost again tonight to the Bucks and if JR Twitter adventures had anything to do with it, they are a more mentally fragile team than I thought.

Just a word of wisdom, when you are an athlete anything you say or do will be posted. Someone asked me last night after we broke the story was this “NEWS”?

I guess we know the answer to that now.

If you want to know what all the fuss is over Tahiry might want to watch this NSFW pics.

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #1

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #2

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #3

Tahiry Exclusive Photo #4


  1. Look at the big picture.

    After The Game’s “associate” posted pics and stories about Matt Barnes’ girl, not to be undone, Jr Smith sorta did the same thing. The score is tied.


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