Manny Pacquiao Has Tax Problems, Could Face Two Years in Jail

What is it with Pacquiao and Mayweather and their tax issues?

It seems to me if you are making $30-40 million a fight, the first check you would write would be to the IRS, because you know the government wants a piece of that money.

Philippine tax officials have filed a criminal complaint against boxing champion and lawmaker Manny Pacquiao for failure to submit documents to investigators looking into his tax returns.

Prosecutors will now decide if there is enough evidence to bring the case to court, where Pacquiao could face up to two years in jail if convicted.

Bureau of Internal Revenue regional director Rozil Lozares says a complaint was filed March 1 after Pacquiao failed to submit the documents despite three notices and a subpoena.

I highly doubt they would actually throw him in jail, but you never know with these foreign countries.

Speculation has been for years that Pacquiao doesn’t watch his money and a lot of his yes men have taken advantage of that.  No telling how much Bob Arum has swindle him out of it.

Hopefully, he gets it all straightened out.