Peyton Manning to Pick a Team By Next Week, Prefers AFC to NFC..12 Teams Interested

It breaks down like this.

Miami, Arizona or mystery team.

Jordin Sparks lives in Arizona, should be a no brainer, but Peyton is weighing his options after lying about haven’t thought about where he wanted to play next.

Adam Schefter reports that Manning will pick his 2012 team within the next week and that he has a preference to remain in the AFC over heading to the NFC

I am glad the decision will be made quickly, because the media coverage has already been over the top.  Manning hasn’t died, he just been cut in a wise move by the Indianapolis Colts.

As I told you before anyone else, I believe Manning ends up in Arizona.  The path to the Super Bowl is much easier there than in say Miami or any of those other places (unless San Fransisco becomes interested).

They have Larry Fitzgerald, if you can add Reggie Wayne now you are cooking with something.

And once again Jordin…….