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Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter

by BSO Staff | Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2012
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The NHL is the least racially integrated of the four major American sports. If you need proof of this, you just need to see the reaction on Twitter as Washington Capitals Winger Joel Ward scored the game winning goal in overtime to oust the defending champion Boston Bruins. collects Tweets on trending topics to tell a story with only the tweets. The story these tweets tell is that there is a whole hell of a lot of racist Boston Bruins fans. Of course this is not representative of Boston fans or of hockey fans in general, but it is scary that these people so easily put their racist feelings out there.

Here is just a sampling, for the full list click here

And my personal favorite, this guy must have Tourettes

Whether its racist crap like this or death threats against athletes (like Kyle Williams of the San Francisco 49ers) we see that sometimes sports fanaticism and assumed anonymity can be a very dangerous combination.

Although I wonder, what percentage of the people above would sing a different tune if asked to their face.

Here is video of the goal and celebration, since those racists f*ckwits probably aren’t visiting this site anyway.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I beg you to notice that this is in no way representative of the average hockey fan, and that the lack of racial diversity in hockey is (hopefully) more due to the locations from which most players come (Canada has a relatively small black population, the black population in Russia, Sweden, etc. is extremely limited, and hockey isn’t very popular to play in the United States where there is a larger black population).
    The actions and sickening, sickening, SICKENING statements of these Bruins fans are just horrific, and they definitely show the racism that lurks unadmitted, but I do feel that hockey in general should be defended by the demographic statistics of most of its players.

    • Tblack says:

      Sorry Sarah. I grew up in Boston and now live in DC. This the norm in Boston. This is the same town that would not let Bill Russell by a home even though he gave the Celtics 12 NBA titles. The people of Weston actually got a petition to keep him from buying a home there. That was in the 60s. Nothing has changed. There are plenty of people of African decent in Canada. I have Black relatives who play Hockey in Canada. This is about ignorance, hatred and unchecked prejudice in Boston. I for one am glad it’s being exposed yet again.

      • joe says:

        True true true…I have lived in New England since 97 and have witnessed this type of commentary and behavior often. And you are correct, its unchecked for the most part. Whats worst is its part of the culture, people whom you would think of as nice people, at times just blurt out stuff that makes you think, “wow, did you just say that?” Ive confronted people many a time…It seems they are just raised this way. One would assume this crap would of died off by now on its own….

      • David says:

        I also grew up in Boston. I love the Bean, but that city by far is one of the most racially divided cities in America. Still have areas that I as a black man would never dare walk into.

      • Dave says:

        Big Papi lives in Weston now….and Ray Allen is my neighbor in Wellesley. The ability to purchase a home isn’t a matter of race anymore. It’s about having the money. But yes there are plenty of Boston hockey fans that come from places like Southie and Charleston who don’t exactly love African Americans.

      • AngryGuy says:

        You make it sound like it’s only Boston. It’s the whole northeast more likely. Even in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was no different, maybe just hidden better. I had a shop foreman tell me in 90 or 91 they would never hire a black guy.

  2. charles says:

    Bad stuff to read for sure.

    In all fairness, despite the awful language, I doubt many sincerely mean it.

    Its common in bouts of anger to spew off something like a racist remark, even if you aren’t racist at all. That doesn’t make it acceptable, but it does give some perspective.

    • aj says:

      No, it really isn’t common at all.

    • Scott says:

      “Oh, I swear I didn’t actually MEAN to kill him. I was just so mad that I shot my gun, and it hit someone”

      Still guilty of manslaughter in that case, so still guilty of racism in this case.

    • joe says:

      Sorry Charles, thats an interesting rationalization but truth is…If you say it, your racist.

    • Darcy says:

      Charles – Understand what you mean but I as a black man have never had something that I found unfavorable or negative toward myself and blurted out “That (fill in the blank) MFer!!!!”

      Its just never happened.

    • mike says:

      defending it makes it acceptable, and you sir are defending it

  3. SPEEDIEMUGS says:


    • The TRUTH says:

      I agree, they used to spit on Russell, but he just continued to cop those rings. Celtics all day! Shout out to Joel Ward! Let’s make em mad!

    • Ben says:

      Look at who tweeted and see where they are from. A good majority of them aren’t even from Boston. This isn’t just a Boston issue, it’s a national issue.

    • Shane says:

      Speedigmugs, racist rants are NOT typical of Boston Sports Fans ! Everytime something like this happens, everyone lumps the past with the present ! Not only have I grown up, gone to high school, played various sports (including hockey) with African Americans, but there was NEVER a hint of racial prejudice (and we’re talking from the late 70’s to mid 80’s ! We are NOT punks….punks are those knuckleheads who posted those comments on their twitter accounts. They probably aren’t even bad kids, just STUPID, saying things that they REALLY DON’T understand. Definately wrong and misguided ! But don’t judge ALL BOSTON SPORTS FANS (especially hockey)from those above comments !

  4. Rob says:

    I love how many of those hate comments have grammatical and spelling errors. It’s hard to take someone seriously about hating on another culture when they can’t even learn their own fucking language.

  5. BigNed says:

    As a white guy and a sports fan from the DC area, I couldn’t be happier to see Ward get this goal. He and his linemates worked their asses off this whole series and are a HUGE part of why they won even if they weren’t putting a lot of points on the board.

    Moments like these make me wish I could somehow blot all this hatred up and keep it from tearing at people. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to read these messages from a black person’s point of view, I just know that it should never be this way. We should be celebrating one of the greatest playoff series of all time and instead we get the spewing of filth like this.

    Well, to hell with that (literally if possible). Let’s start pushing the flow back the other way.

    Congratulations to Joel Ward, the Washington Capitals, and to the Boston Bruins for creating an all-time classic series. I like other people of all races and creeds and orientations. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE.

    • Tblack says:

      Let me tell you Ned. I’m black and I moved to the DC area BECAUSE of Bostons acute racism. This was not surprise to me. I still commend my dad rest his soul for being brave enough to take his young son to any Boston sporting event. It’s a CONSTANT thing people of color deal with in Boston and it RUINS sports. When they are not being jerks to people of color they are still some of the most ill behaved people I’ve EVER encountered and yes..I’m counting Eagles fans in that. When I was a kid the town of Weston, Mass famously circulated a petition to keep Bill from buying a home there. Think about that. 12 Championships he gave that town. Bill is on record calling Boston “A flea market for racism”.

      I’m not a big hockey fan but I’m happy for the Capitals and Joel Ward. I’m also happy that Boston prejudice is now documented on Twitter and Facebook so that they can no longer deny the stench that is Boston racism.

      • Reality says:

        You seem a little overdramatic TBlack. And also stuck in the 60s. Oh and your story is wrong.

        Your comment about the town of Weston is actually the story of the town of Reading. A SMALL GROUP of people petitioned against Bill Russell living in Reading. And last night a SMALL GROUP of people dropped the N word on Twitter.

        You’re happy that Boston prejudice is “documented on Twitter and Facebook”?? Really? That means a lot to you? The Twitter posts have been deleted and if people are using Facebook for documentation then they have real issues.

        I’m also black and have lived in Boston my whole life. I’ve never dealt with anything while going to a sporting event. And therefore nothing has ever been ruined. Of course I’ve dealt with shit but there are idiots everywhere. White, Black and Brown.

        Obviously Bill Russell and many others were treated beyond wrong back in the day. And yes this shit still exists. But you make it seem like they’re burning crosses on the Boston Common. You’re insulting Russell and your dad by making it seem like it’s prevelant.

    • Mike Miles says:

      I agree with you, BigNed, all the way through.

      Charles, you don’t have any idea of what racism is if you think that people “innocently” use racist language, and then can blithely walk away from it as if it means nothing. That is a kind of patent indifference to other human beings that is repugnant to decent peoples’ sensibilities. And people who know people who behave like that are as guilty of reprehensible behavior as those who do it if they don’t tell them that it is wrong and unacceptable.

  6. SD says:

    Personally, I think it’s great to see a black player scoring a crucial goal that will get a lot of airplay, in a market with a large black population.
    Hopefully, it will create more interest for the game of hockey among back DC residents.

    This being said, I do think that Mike Knuble interfered with Thomas on Ward’ goal.

  7. Tia says:

    Sad stuff to read indeed. Chris Rock said it best so unfortunately when we break barriera this is something we have to expect.

    “Black people dominate sports in the United States. 20% of the population and 90% of the final four. We own this shit. Basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, and as soon as they make a heated hockey rink we’ll take that shit too.”

    – Chris Rock. 

  8. Zeke49 says:

    Another right wing LIE exposed,”THERE’S NO RACISM IN THEIR RANKS”! Yes America, we must continue to work toward ‘A MORE PERFECT UNION’.

    And as history has proven, ‘the truth will set you free’! Lets continue to cram reality down the regressives hate filled throat, until they choke. For the Misogynist,Racist,Superiority Complexed,cowards; let them wallow in their self inflicted misery…

  9. Greg says:

    As a society we should be thrilled Ward scored this particular high-profile goal as it would lead to further integration of people from all walks of life into hockey.

    Instead, this pathetic, venomous reaction puts the whole sport a step back.

    Ironically, this verbal dump comes from Bruins fans. After all, the Bruins where who Willie O’Ree played for:

    • Scott says:

      As a society, we shouldn’t CARE who scores this goal. We shouldn’t be “happy for black people”… as that’s just as racist, except even more so, because we think that we’re somehow being nice. A hockey player scored the goal, and the important part, a Capital scored the goal, so they’re moving on. That’s all it is.

      • Rachel E. says:

        Agreed, Scott. When we can leave behind the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, we’ll be well on our way to a better world.

  10. Noah says:

    Disgusting but in no way representative of Bruins fan at all (I am one). Remember generalizing and prejudging entire groups of people by the acts of few is the same evil that leads to racism. These people you can judge to be colossal a-holes. All Bruins fan? That’s unfair.

  11. David Wilbur says:

    Please realize that these idiots (for lack of more daspicable names)do not represent the high majority of Bruins fans or the Boston/ Mass. area….I hate that the B’s lost, but the team that played better won…DW

  12. Brian says:

    Please don’t condemm Boston. Every city has idiots like these Twitter losers who would have done the same thing if a Black Player had scored the winning goal. If the roles had been reversed you would have had some Caps Fans posting the same garbage. Plenty of coward racists everywhere.

  13. Tate820 says:

    Barry Bonds was right about boston. Straight CLASSLESS and their proud of it. heck couple of them are still bragging about spitting on Bill Russell to this crap. FYI not all bostonian are classless, but shame to those that always have giving boston a bad name.

  14. PhillyGuy says:

    Sorry Brian, but as a Philly fan, we are still hearing stupid references to booing Santa in the 60s, so spitting on Bill Russell, trashing his home in a “white neighborhood” and let’s not forget the BUSING RIOTS you morons had is something that Boston and its so-called enlightened fans just cannot be dismissed as
    “ancient history.”

  15. Jack says:

    These people who posted this trash and have the audacity or should I say the ignorance to have their full name and pictures associated with their profiles, should be trolled into internet hell. Hey, why stop there? Call them up….call their employers, schools, etc. Their mistake!

  16. G. Perry says:

    Those tweets just make me sad.

  17. mgoss79 says:

    Same stuff came out of Pittsburgh when Wayne Simmonds scored for the Flyers during their series.

  18. Corey says:

    As a fan of the Bruins and a resident of Boston, it sickens me to see these types of comments. I apologize on behalf on my City, but unfortunately Boston is riddled with half-wit racists like this. Just please know that there are civilized Boston fans out there, as difficult as they may be to find.

  19. Brian says:

    Lets not ignore the racist Pens fans that attacked Simmonds on twitter the same way.

  20. Owen says:

    Very rarely do I post but this stuff is so totally out of line. I’m from Australia, but this is idiotic bullshit by people who valorise the aggression of sports and racism and would be cowering in a corner if they ever had to own up to their comments to an anti-racist athlete, whatever their colour, in person. Just discovered blacksports and will be keeping an eye out. (There’s plenty of stuff down-under to keep an eye on if you’re interested). Maybe they’re just kids, and just need a bit of re-education, but this stuff comes from somewhere – home, friends, whatever. Always does, Always will. Unless we stop it.

  21. Keith says:

    Funny thing is, I bet all of those Boston fans have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Carl Crawford, Vince Wilfork or Randy Moss jerseys. Stay Classy Boston! GO CAPS!

  22. Eyedoc59 says:

    As a member of the Predators, Joel Ward distinguished himself as a hard worker, improving player, and one of the most decent guys on the team.

  23. Ian says:

    Hate to say it, but I’m shocked we aren’t reading page upon page of these racist & ignorant comments. Afterall, they are all from Boston Bruin ‘fans’ right? Enough said!!!

  24. You wrote an article about racist fans at a Bruins game yet you fail to see the racism and ignorance within your own article! Let me just point out how ignorant you are: PEOPLE WITH TOURETTS DON’T SWEAR LIKE THAT!! You write an article about being RACIST and you make fun of a DISABILITY?! Are you kidding me?! I am completely offended! Why? I have TOURETTS! And I can’t stand how people like yourself can come out here and make the claim that all we do is swear! You try and live with the disease and see how you like it!! You are inconsiderate and hypocritical! I can’t believe you are making fun of a disability in a post about racism!!!!! Seriously. I am completely offended!! Your argument would have been better stated had you not made fun of disabilities. You are an asshole!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait I must have TOURETTS because I SWORE! Go do your research because YPU are uneducated.

    • HLynn says:

      I 100% back both Melissa and Hockey Fan (below melissa’s comment)

      First off..I am a Canadian, living in the MD/DC area, But a Bruins/Patriots(New england sports fan-whole family lives in NE,I know the area well).

      I am a die hard Hockey fan, grew up with it..Father has played it since he was 5yrs old….
      So, Dont try throwing anything back at me talking shit.. Because I am seeing the side of both stories (b/c of where I live-and who I love)

      If it was the same senerio,but the Caps were playing a different team,and the same reaction occured, this would NOT be a media issue. It would be brushed off….
      BUT, sadly, since Boston is known for their Passionate fans for ALL sports, they are getting bashed on.


      For people to be complaining about a couple pissed off people saying a word that should not be said (Which I do think is wrong.. the “N” word should not be used under any circumstances) I dont think a website called “Black Sports Online” should be a real website.. like “HockeyFan” said.. why not Sports Online!? OR something creative eh?!

      Like I said, I live 20min from DC,and Go there often, you try and tell me racism doesnt exist there… try to. If you do, your A fucking liar.

      This article is discusting, and yes, the comments that those fans made are discusting.

      I havent even mentioned the fact that you started to use Touretts as a joke. You took it to a whole new level.
      People are not born asswholes, they become asswholes
      People are born (or develop disabilities) through out their life that they can not control.
      I have dedicated 2 yrs of my life starting a non profit to EDUCATE people about disorders/diseases/issues that effect ppl everyday. WHY?! because I, myself have a few personal disabilities… and my family and close loved ones suffer from many diseases(cancer/autoimmune diseases,etc)
      And I feel its important for FUCKTWATS like you, to know more about these things, before you make fun of it…

      It was VERY stupid on your part to share your twitter account on here.

      I know it was your intention to share with the world, another story that people will be reading about somewhere else too.. But I 100% know, they will be more professional than you about it.

      Make this website less racist (yepp-I said it..the name alone makes the situation worse-FYI,hire a new marketing director,may be benefical for you)
      And Education yourself on disabilities before you make fun of them k?
      then MAYBE, JUST MAYBE… you can be taken more seriously.
      Until then, this article FUCKING sucks.. Yes, I swore to… does that mean I have Touretts? B/c I dont. But I do have a good friend that does. So by you saying this shit,pissed me off.
      I do have ADHD, want to make fun of that?! Do it… You’ll loose even more readers.

      Again,I am not saying what those people said above is right. Because it is not.
      It’s wrong for you to say its ALL Boston people. And saying all are racist.
      PS: Atleast Boston ppl take pride in their Teams
      DC can NOT say the same…
      As of last night, All of asudden DC is happy to be “fans” of all sports bc they have all won a couple games & will actually have a QB this yr.. So, I guess in DC, when the teams are doing well, then its “THEIR” team… when they suck, they want nothing to do with the team.
      Dont say im wrong. Because Im not. Im around it,I see it everyday

      Im done with my rant,because If I continue,Ill say something I regret.

      Congrats though… for pissing off a lot of people today. HIGH FIVE…not.

  25. Hockeyfan says:

    Umm I’m offended that this website is called Black Sports Online… why not just sports online. Is there a white sports online?? Please don’t tarnish all of New England because of a few bad eggs… not everyone is a racist in Boston… it’s not like we are flying the confederate flag like they do down south… if you made it to a history class the freedom of the slaves began in the north!!! idiots!!!

    • Learn Your History says:

      To Hockey Fan and Hlynn, there is the Black Caucus, the NAACP, Black history month and etcetera. Have you ever heard of the Jim Crow era in the U.S. Brown vs Board, I’m talking a century after the slaves were freed, blacks and minorities including white women had to fight in court and with congress for freedom and equality. The good ole boys are relentless and would not hire a minority, a person with a disability or a woman. What happened next, affirmative action. Fast forward to President Obama within months of being sworn in(2009) he signed a bill that would allow women in this Country to have equal pay to their male counterparts. The History do not teach about great African American soldiers, attorney’s or politicians and inventors. They don’t discuss Africa, Ancient Kemit, but European history is there, thus we have black hisyory month. Music channels refused to play black movies, music videos, thus BET was born. I can go on. Music Awards, Oscars, Tony’s, yes out of 150 years you canone hand for some of these awards that a person of African descent won. Oscars there are about ten and the list goes on. Black Online Sports or Asian Online sports are birthed to cover stories that main stream media will not write about. The author of this story should not hsve referenced a disability, but I am sure you know that he did not intrnd yo offend. Unfortunately that reference is made quite oftrn do you writr the neteotks yhat allow that reference on yheir shows and Executive producers of mobies, I’m going yo say no. You use what he wrongfully said to attack and get off the subjevt. Some people are very insecure and misinformed. There is never a need to lower yourself to chil like behavior with name calling and using profanity. The Matriarch of my family always said to use that sort of language shows ones lack of intelligence and. Vocabulary range. There is Black this, Asian that, Arab nd Hispanic Heritage month because minorities are American too and their stories and history is relevant past and present. If it eere me I would not give these racist rants the time of day. Who o cares talk about the win!

  26. Jackie says:

    I am a Bruins fan, I am white and I am absolutely mortified and disgusted. All I can say is that I’m really sorry that this stuff still exists in this day and age — and I know it does. Whether it’s said in jest, a few ignoramuses, not representative of the majority — whatever. It’s abhorrent and wrong.

  27. J. Lewis says:

    This website just proves the level of trash that the media publishes today. Instead of focusing on the good parts of the sport and the win, you focus on the negatives while yourself making fun of a disability. I have been to Washington and let me tell you if you think racism doesn’t exist there then you’re a bigger fool than your article suggests. No matter where racism comes from it doesn’t belong as well as comments that poke fun at disabilities. To me they are both just as bad and you should be ashamed of yourself LOSER!!!!!

  28. John says:

    From a white, Boston hockey fan, I say Track down those twitter users and run them out of whatever town they come from.

  29. John Jacob says:

    I’m completely unsurprised by this. Have you ever attended a Bruins/Canadians game and heard what some of the fans say to P.K. Subban? It is often far worse than anything in these tweets – and they are shouting it in public.

  30. Dave M. says:

    As the site owner says, “I wanted to give Black and minority writers who felt like their voice wasn’t being heard a place they would be heard loud and clear. No one gave me that opportunity”.

    Nowhere did Mr. Littal condone or say he allowed his writers to act immature and tease (make fun) of conditions or disorders. That’s where “Patrick Sicher” you my friend are wrong in doing so. Being part of USA TODAY SPORTS MEDIA GROUP, I don’t think this flys. In fact I know it doesn’t.

    Good Day

  31. Allen George says:

    I just want to know where all the white women at???

  32. Potlemac says:

    As a longtime Bruins fan I’m disgusted by those racist comments and I sincerely think that those knuckleheads represent a small, albeit vocal, minority of hockey fans.
    And as a grandfather who loves every member of my multiracial, multicultural family, I pray for the day that when this racist ignorance will end.

  33. Christopher says:

    It should not be a surprise to any one that racial comments are being made towards Ward after his game winner last night.

    This is America and this is what we do. Make comments under the cloak of anonymity and cowardice towards people with no fear of being found out. The internet makes it all the more easier because unlike newspapers or broadcast media, there usually is no editors to go on boards and delete it off.

    But it would be a serious error to think this is about Boston fan only. MAKE NO MISTAKE….had Ward made the same kind of error that Nick Backstrom made in game 4 that directly led to the Capitals losing in OT, it would have been CAPS fans, that would have similar racial comments about Ward. I find it interesting in listening to sports shows on the radio this morning that so many of these talk show host are surprised and saying how disgusting these comments are. Who are they kidding? Most of these same hosts have heard and may have even said or excused this stuff themselves.

    Hockey in the US…and I am a fan and have followed the sport since the early 70’s…is largely a working class blue collar sport in the US. You’re not likely to find NHL fan is also NBA fan and the crowds at games show it. While not all, and maybe not even the majority, there still is a sizable element of racial attitude in US hockey fans which drew them to the game in the first place. Comments about Ward, Wayne Simmons of Philadelphia Flyers and a few others, based on race, ethnicity, or nationality…Canada fans are notorious for making comments about players based on what European country they are from…..are made all the time. You just have to know where to look to find them.

  34. Keith says:

    In England some moron tweeted racist crap about football player and he was tracked down and prosecuted. Canadians like myself (black) don’t face this crap everyday so we tend to forget. Just like Boston fans forget Anson Carter. Thank you for reminding us that racists are everywhere and racism is just below the surface.

  35. Danimal says:

    Threads like this make my head hurt and they’re everywhere with every hot-button issue. I’m not sure what’s worse / more depressing… the ignorance of the people who posted racist comments, or the ignorance of the people backlashing. If threads like this are indicative of the level of logic people apply when reading about their world, voting, etc it goes a long way toward explaining why our government is so completely dysfunctional and corrupt.


    1. Boston IS a town notorious for racial animosity and its sports fans ARE worse than most, in terms of putting this animosity on display. Even if it’s only 5% of the fanbase, the other 95% should be pissed and take steps to better represent their city. Youth hockey clinics with kids from all demographics, whatever. STEP UP and show the world this summer!

    You don’t like being grouped in with white supremacists? DO something about it instead of banging your head against the wall in places like this. You can’t make a lazy thinker or ignorant person less lazy or ignorant by pleading with them on the internet.

    2. Equating a city’s “racism level” based on fan outbursts while ignoring: conduct of police officers, housing inequalities, stuff that gets said at backyard BBQs and everywhere else, on a daily basis… makes you willfully ignorant.

    2a. EVERY big city in America (New York, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, LA, etc) has a race problem, by virtue of some combination of the things I mentioned above. Don’t assume that for someone to qualify as “racist” in their beliefs that they have to tweet the N word after a hockey game. The boss that smiles at his black employees and then cringes when Ward scores (because it was Ward), but never says a word – is just as racist as the scumbags on twitter. Frankly, they’re worse in some ways because you don’t really know who they are until the chips are down.

    3. Look in the mirror. Can any of you honestly say that if Joel Ward were walking down the street towards you and no one else was around that you wouldn’t have different thoughts about your safety vs. if some white guy in the same clothes were walking toward you? I bet if you’re honest with yourselves, 80% of you would answer that your thoughts / behavior would be different. THAT is a form of racism, even though it’s not malicious per se, and even though it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t treat the guy with respect if he stopped and asked for directions. The point is, we ALL have a long way to go until we just see “a guy walking down the street” and not “a black guy”, “a hispanic guy”, “a disabled guy”, “a gay guy”, “a jewish guy”, “a korean guy”, etc.

    A LONG way to go. Decades. We’re all still in grammar school when it comes to truly viewing each other as equals. Unfortunately tweets like last night remind us some people even flunk out of grammar school, proverbially speaking.

  36. Chris says:

    As a Bruins fan let me just say that these ignorant pieces of white trash are an embarrassment to the team and city which I love. Don’t let a couple douches paint an ugly picture of the general population. These people exist everywhere, no matter what team or area.

  37. Terry says:

    Neanderthals come in all colors unfortunately. Joel Ward… the man, not the color scored one of the biggest goals on one of the biggest stages in the world.

  38. TootlessWonders says:

    Holy Smokes Looks Like Obama Picked The Wrong Night To Slow JAM The News He Could Have Garaunteed His RE-ELECTION With This You’d Think They Could Start Thinking About Letting Manson Out By Now If WE can’t even learn GoodSportsmanship Without starting A RACEWAR…..STICKS &Stones At Least WE’ve Evolved To A PUCK !!!

  39. Roman Smith says:

    I wonder what Pierce, Allen, KG and other black athletes that represent that city think about this ish.

    • Christopher says:

      Roman, you wondered what Celtics players might think. I don’t know what today’s Celtic players would say, but all you have to do is look up articles and maybe even some audio interviews of the greatest Celtic of all time, William Felton Russell, and see what he had to say about Boston. Its probably not too different than today’s Celtic players. Russell once famously said when asked about how he felt about playing for Boston, said, “I don’t play for Boston. I play for the Celtics” He never much cared for the city and its probably fair to say Celtic fans that pack the Garden for basketball games, and the ones that fill the same place for the Bruins, are as different as night and day on many social levels.

  40. Harmy G says:

    Plenty of non-Bruins fans did this. Please adjust your headline.

  41. Charlie Sheen says:

    the ignoramus’ that left those tweets are stuck in a time warp. don’t make his facial tissue a racial issue.

    i always say it doesn’t matter what color you are b/c everyone bleeds red.

    speaking about red; how about a red and blue rangers win tonight against those senators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MattinDC says:

      Is this the REAL DEAL SHEEN (RDS)?
      Loser Boston fans can’t take a loss like men. They’re still crying over Gisele’s boyfriend throwing that interception…I saw Tim Thomas skate over to the glass afer the game and try and comfort a crying kid….THAT’S SPORTSMANSHIP.
      Now I want to go to Boston with a Joel Ward jersey and see if these loser BOSTONIANS want a shot at the TITLE!

      • Psalmanazaar says:

        You are missing the point if you read this story and think “Loser Boston fans.” This is not evidence that Boston has a pervasive, endemic problem with racism. It is evidence that the USA has a pervasive, endemic problem with racism. The best way for us to avoid dealing with it forever is to keep on using our parochial chauvinism to deny the problems in our own communities. Northerners have been letting themselves ignore their own racism for decades by pretending it’s a Southern problem. Southerners deny their own issues by pretending the Northerners are the only racists.

        They’re all wrong. Racists are everywhere. I suspect that they are actually a pretty small minority in any community, but they are there.

        Final point: the Boston Metro area has 2 million people. Even assuming all these jerks are in Boston, or are even Bruins fans, these tweets are by about 20 people. If those were all the racists in Boston I would declare victory.

        I know better, and so should you.

        • Becky says:

          Until we stop categorizing everyone: African American, Asian American, whites, Latinos, poor, working class…whatever…and start looking at each other as PEOPLE who are all here together, things will not change. The news does it. The government does it. Ordinary citizens do it.

          Joel Ward is a hockey player. Plain and simple. No need to categorize him further by saying he is a black hockey player. I challenge anyone out there in society to start seeing things that way.

          • Carina says:

            Well said! I’m Mexican, and I can’t even tell you the nasty things people have said to me over the years. (In Detroit, no less!) When I was a kid, I’d get really upset and try to think of things to say back. As I got older, I learned to just answer sarcastically or ignore these people completely. After all, as you stated, no matter what color we are, we’re human and we all bleed red. If only more people could see things that way.

          • James Crowe says:

            Nigger loving bitch .

          • Mike says:

            I would have to disagree with your assessment Becky. You’re asking if we stop with the categorizing of citizens things would suddenly change for the better but you are missing the most important point of it all….this country was built on racist attitudes. The challenge has to come from within our own hearts and be honest with ourselves on why I dislike this person for whatever reason. We have been programmed over the years with what we watch on tv or hear on the radio to FEAR someone who is different from ourselves. There are countless of feel good stories about minority athletes doing well in their community but yet you only see or hear when they tend to do something negative.

            What’s funny if from all the tweets you take a survey to ask how many were Christians there would probably be close to 100% response stating they were. However last time I checked I thought Christianity was based on the simple principle “GOD IS LOVE”….

          • Caren says:

            I would like to add one more item to your list – “Until we stop categorizing everyone: Bruins fans included …”
            I am so very sick to my stomach by the tweets that I have read. And as a person born and raised in Boston, I am also distraught by the general categorization of Boston fans. I started trembling with sadness when seeing the anger directed at Boston instead of what I would have preferred to see, which is anger directed at the actions of these horribly minded individuals. I feel extremely sad to be grouped with views and actions that couldn’t be further from my own.

          • Becky says:

            Mike, I believe you proved rather than refuted my point.

            Racism is a form of prejudice. All prejudices are based on socio-economics, religious beliefs, political views, sex, sexual orientation, color, etc. Have you considered your own statement regarding the number of Christians responsible for the racist tweets? Yup, it is a prejudiced statement.

            You are correct in that most people are taught to fear what is different, and I don’t disagree that racist attitudes have been with us since our country was founded, but I disagree that they are the foundation of our society and your implication that racism is an American phenomenon.

            I never said it would be a sudden or immediate change, nor do I have any confidence that racism will be eradicated in my lifetime, if ever; but I would like to believe that people can be enlightened to recognize prejudices within themselves and start to make a difference in society by educating others, rather than perpetuating the problem by further categorizing each other.

            By the way, in case anyone wishes to categorize me, I live in the northeast, am white (further classification: Scottish/English American), female, middle class, middle aged (ugh), tall, blonde, college educated, waiver between agnosticism and atheism….

        • Matt says:

          I’m not surprised. Of all the cities I’ve lived in all over the world, I’ve never experienced or seen as much blatant racism as I did in Boston. It’s kinda pathetic.

          • Eddie says:

            Me, either, Matt. I’ve either visited or lived in over 30 different countries, so far, and most of the American states…With regard to collective racial hatred, Boston is the worst, by far.

      • KP says:

        DON’T lump the people of Boston together with these losers, MattinDC. It makes look as ignorant as they are.

        • KMR says:

          As a lifelong Philadelphia fan I COMPLETELY understand that it was a select few idiot fans. I’ve been dealing with this forever. I was at an Eagles game in SD and I sat on the stairs because I didn’t make it to my seat before the play started. This guy said (very sarcastically) oh wow…a polite Philadelphia fan. Who knew you existed? The vast majority of us are normal, polite people just like the vast majority of Bruins fans are not racist.

      • Frank in Montana says:

        I thought we were over this racism….What is the matter with these people. The Caps won this game and outplayed the crybaby Bruins. Don’t diss Joel Ward, I wish there were more black players in the NHL. Hey, you racist hatemongers, get a life! Go Caps, all the way to the Stanley Cup! Kick ass Ovie!

  42. Josiah says:

    Wait a second — didn’t Slate Magazine just release a story implying that liberal cities (like Boston) are full of more diverse and tolerant citizens than their conservative counterparts?

  43. Tim Willis says:

    Those are painful to read. As a black hockey player myself there’s no quicker way to ruin that great game feeling than to have someone start throwing that word around. Well at least I’ll get to watch that NIGGA play in round two!

    • Toney Q Cobb says:

      well said my friend

    • Frank in Montana says:

      Good for u…That black player did good and some fans are resentful….Yes. hatemongers are a small minority, but there is no cause for this racism. Here in Montana, I hear these redneck goons say the N word, and it makes me mad.

  44. Angela says:

    You white folks cannot stand that a black guy scored the winning goal! Like every other sport, if we (black people) participate, we will be the best. It’s in our genes so don’t blame us, blame the creator of us.

    ps: i bet none of you would call him a N***** to his face. Funking whoosie cowards!!!

    • kp says:

      “Funking whoosie cowards!!!”

      That’s redundant.

      Angela you’re so up in arms about a few white kids using racial slurs (rightfully so)and yet you’re lumping the entire white race in with these jerks. What makes your POV any less troublesome?

      • Frank in Montana says:

        Where are you coming from? She is not dissing the whole white race, just those idiots that uttered those racial slurs. I am not black, but I do understand where they are coming from. I would expect mature people to use some sense and not just spout stupidity. Stop taking things personally!

      • Eddie says:

        kp try living with all the concentrated, inexplicable and unabated hatred that Angela and the rest of the reason-based society is entreated to on an ongoing basis…Try, also having to prepare your son or daughter about the dangerous-to-deadly peril they must strategically avoid for the rest of their lives. That it doesn’t matter a fraction of a damn how much education you’ve amassed, or money you’ve earned or positional power you wield; it just takes one racist cop, or a neighborhood watchman with racial deference to destroy your life forever…Seriously, where in the f–k do these demoniacs come from?

    • David White says:

      If u think like this u r putting ur self in the same categories as these racist pricks….sorry but u can’t fight racism with racism……but I agree they are a bunch of cowards…..and wouldn’t say that to the mans face…

    • judy says:

      What you said is kinda racist too. But I totally understand it considering that black ppl have had to deal with this shit for so long. Anyway, this white female hockey loving Washington Caps fan is completely thrilled that Wardo knocked it in for us! Don’t really care what his race is on a team full of Russians, Swedes, Canadians, Czechs, Americans, etc. BTW, I would never call him a derogatory name to his face because I respect him as an athlete, and love him as a Washington Capital!

    • Rainne says:

      Would prefer that you not use phrases like “you white folks.” I am a white person but I have no problem with Joel Ward – in fact, I think his game-winning goal was f*cking awesome. So please do not speak as though every person who has light skin also has the same opinions as those f*cktards listed above. We don’t.

    • Debbie says:

      Now here is a case of true racism. you want to know who always plays the race card, read angela’s comment. Shame that you can not face the fact that blacks are no longer the minority, HISPANICS are so go play your race card somewhere else toots. I am mexican american and I love hockey and congrats to anyone that can score a game winning goal in the playoffs. PS TOOTS learn how to spell and use correct grammar!!

      • Miguel says:

        Really, Debbie?? I think ALL minorities, regardless of their respective heritage, have bigger fish to fry than to be turning on each other…Don’t you?? If “We stand on the shoulders of giants”, we’ll always see farther. But, we definitely need the giants to do so!

      • Rhynn says:

        Hispanics are the minority? Well either your vocabulary or your math sucks “TOOTS”. Probably both. Get that looked at.

        By the way. Here’s another vocabulary lesson for you. Throwing a card is introducing a factor into a situation and overstating its relevance and importance so it can be used as a crutch.

        Do you get what that means? What about racism looks solved or overstated to you “TOOTS”? Problems that aren’t solved are not cards. They’re problems, Bozo.

        The audacity it takes to check someone else’s spelling or grammar when you’re too damned dumb to comprehend the 4th grade terms you use in your own post. Next time stick to “I love hockey”. Good way to steer around what can likely only be called “Deb’s inevitable and obligatory fuck up and look foolish moment”.

  45. David says:

    Today I’m ashamed to be a Bruins fan. I’m white, and I hear all the time how we’ve moved beyond racism. What lies. Hatred flows in this country. Too many have learned to talk the game to cover their hate. Hate breeds hate.

  46. J Kloo says:

    South E Boston is full of white people who are racists. Like the ole saying go’s “What’s in you will come out! it’s in their DNA ,like monsters a vermin to society. We need to exterminate this vermin, and we will.

    • kp says:

      So you’re calling for white people to be exterminated? Well, isn’t that refreshing!

      • David White says:

        no j kloo is saying the racist vermin should be exterminated, I agree but all racist should be extinguished not by murder but by education…..if that doesn’t work than other methods will have to be looked into…..exile maybe like the ancients did to people who didn’t want to conform to societies ways…..

    • JP says:

      @ J Kloo Actually J Kloo, you will do nothing beyond typing. :)

  47. Bret P says:

    I’ts not like these racist asses weren’t warned. Check out his clip from 1995 in Canadian Bacon at about the one minute mark. LMAO!!!

  48. Anon says:

    Don’t think for a second all of Boston or their fans are racist F*tards because 50 or even 500 morns tweet stupidity. If you watch beyond the celebration you will hear 10k or so true fans clapping for the caps win. Granted it wasn’t more then a golf clap but it sure was nothing you would find on thee tweets.

  49. Becky says:

    Angela, as for your comment “Like every other sport, if we (black people) participate, we will be the best. It’s in our genes so don’t blame us,” you’re only perpetuating your own stereotype. Our DNA is all the same, it’s the color of skin that is different.

    The other thing that differentiates HUMANS is how we chose to treat each other. Don’t put all white people into the same category (“You white folks…”) – it makes you as bad as anyone else who generalizes and marginalizes a population. I am white, a Bruins fan, and horrified by the comments aimed at Joel Ward.

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