Capitals Joel Ward Scores Game 7 Overtime Winner – Bruins Fans Unleash N-Word Barrage on Twitter


The NHL is the least racially integrated of the four major American sports. If you need proof of this, you just need to see the reaction on Twitter as Washington Capitals Winger Joel Ward scored the game winning goal in overtime to oust the defending champion Boston Bruins. collects Tweets on trending topics to tell a story with only the tweets. The story these tweets tell is that there is a whole hell of a lot of racist Boston Bruins fans. Of course this is not representative of Boston fans or of hockey fans in general, but it is scary that these people so easily put their racist feelings out there.

Here is just a sampling, for the full list click here

And my personal favorite, this guy must have Tourettes

Whether its racist crap like this or death threats against athletes (like Kyle Williams of the San Francisco 49ers) we see that sometimes sports fanaticism and assumed anonymity can be a very dangerous combination.

Although I wonder, what percentage of the people above would sing a different tune if asked to their face.

Here is video of the goal and celebration, since those racists f*ckwits probably aren’t visiting this site anyway.


  1. I beg you to notice that this is in no way representative of the average hockey fan, and that the lack of racial diversity in hockey is (hopefully) more due to the locations from which most players come (Canada has a relatively small black population, the black population in Russia, Sweden, etc. is extremely limited, and hockey isn’t very popular to play in the United States where there is a larger black population).
    The actions and sickening, sickening, SICKENING statements of these Bruins fans are just horrific, and they definitely show the racism that lurks unadmitted, but I do feel that hockey in general should be defended by the demographic statistics of most of its players.

    • Sorry Sarah. I grew up in Boston and now live in DC. This the norm in Boston. This is the same town that would not let Bill Russell by a home even though he gave the Celtics 12 NBA titles. The people of Weston actually got a petition to keep him from buying a home there. That was in the 60s. Nothing has changed. There are plenty of people of African decent in Canada. I have Black relatives who play Hockey in Canada. This is about ignorance, hatred and unchecked prejudice in Boston. I for one am glad it’s being exposed yet again.

      • True true true…I have lived in New England since 97 and have witnessed this type of commentary and behavior often. And you are correct, its unchecked for the most part. Whats worst is its part of the culture, people whom you would think of as nice people, at times just blurt out stuff that makes you think, “wow, did you just say that?” Ive confronted people many a time…It seems they are just raised this way. One would assume this crap would of died off by now on its own….

      • I also grew up in Boston. I love the Bean, but that city by far is one of the most racially divided cities in America. Still have areas that I as a black man would never dare walk into.

      • Big Papi lives in Weston now….and Ray Allen is my neighbor in Wellesley. The ability to purchase a home isn’t a matter of race anymore. It’s about having the money. But yes there are plenty of Boston hockey fans that come from places like Southie and Charleston who don’t exactly love African Americans.

      • You make it sound like it’s only Boston. It’s the whole northeast more likely. Even in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was no different, maybe just hidden better. I had a shop foreman tell me in 90 or 91 they would never hire a black guy.

  2. Bad stuff to read for sure.

    In all fairness, despite the awful language, I doubt many sincerely mean it.

    Its common in bouts of anger to spew off something like a racist remark, even if you aren’t racist at all. That doesn’t make it acceptable, but it does give some perspective.

    • “Oh, I swear I didn’t actually MEAN to kill him. I was just so mad that I shot my gun, and it hit someone”

      Still guilty of manslaughter in that case, so still guilty of racism in this case.

    • Charles – Understand what you mean but I as a black man have never had something that I found unfavorable or negative toward myself and blurted out “That (fill in the blank) MFer!!!!”

      Its just never happened.


    • I agree, they used to spit on Russell, but he just continued to cop those rings. Celtics all day! Shout out to Joel Ward! Let’s make em mad!

    • Look at who tweeted and see where they are from. A good majority of them aren’t even from Boston. This isn’t just a Boston issue, it’s a national issue.

    • Speedigmugs, racist rants are NOT typical of Boston Sports Fans ! Everytime something like this happens, everyone lumps the past with the present ! Not only have I grown up, gone to high school, played various sports (including hockey) with African Americans, but there was NEVER a hint of racial prejudice (and we’re talking from the late 70’s to mid 80’s ! We are NOT punks….punks are those knuckleheads who posted those comments on their twitter accounts. They probably aren’t even bad kids, just STUPID, saying things that they REALLY DON’T understand. Definately wrong and misguided ! But don’t judge ALL BOSTON SPORTS FANS (especially hockey)from those above comments !

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