Cavaliers Mascot Moondog Injured After Play Fighting With David West

All things considered, especially after last year’s terrible season the Cavs have been decent.

You could say there is hope for the future and some of the bitterness from Lebron taking his talents to South Beach are starting to subside, but there is still a little bit of bad karma in the air.

Only way to explain their mascot being taken out by an opposing player.

According to, the person manning the oversized dog costume suffered an eye injury when playing around with West prior to the Cavs-Pacers tilt. 

“Moondog was spotted running through the hall, his dog head removed, clutching a towel to his eye,” wrote The Plain Dealer’s Tom Reed.

Scary stuff, no doubt, but the Cavs announced that Moondog was released from the hospital and should be OK.

“He jumped at me so I thought we were playing around and the next thing I Know he went down,” a presumably distraught West told reporters after the game. “It was definitely an accident.