Fake Jim Rome Predicts Broncos Will Go 2-14 and Fans are Not Pleased (Audio)


I have never hidden from the fact that I’m a big Jim Rome fan. I was a CLONE well before I became the King of the Dollarnaires.

I actually do a great Jim Rome impression , but not as well as this guy.

Fake Jim Rome came on the Peter Burns Radio Show (@peterburnsradio) and just crushed a take on fans who use the NFL schedule to predict their teams future five months before the season starts.



  1. Awwww, please don’t tell me that you were one of those losers calling up his show with their lame ass “takes” trying to sound all bad-ass. I always liked rome’s show but his callers were horrific. Does he still have those “smack-offs”? Those things were unlistenable

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