Lebron James’ Flop on Tyson Chandler’s Flagrant Foul (Video)


Make no mistake it was a Flagrant Foul.

Chandler does go a little overboard with the pick, but come on Lebron you are too good of a player to continue to flop around like this.

At least once a game Lebron goes down like it is a season ending injury only to return minutes late to drop 30+. Even Paul Pierce is disgusted by this.

I understand all great players complain about calls, but the really great ones don’t flop, so cut it out Bron Bron.


  1. The HEAT are always so extra with their reactionto foul. D Wade does it too. Watch him. I get the falling out of bounds after a shot , falling to the floor , but watch him the next time he gets fouled. Sooo extra

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