Robert Griffin III Buys His Fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat a Bentley, Maybe

You have to remember RG3 wasn’t always thought of as a 1st round draft pick. If you go back to his junior year some scouts *cough* Todd McShay *cough* projected him to be a Wide Receiver in the NFL.

Rebecca Liddicoat has been with him for a long time, even back when he blew his knee out and people were wondering if he would ever be the same.

So, while many think he should drop her, loyalty in women is a hard quality to find these days, so I am salute RG3 for staying strong.

Robert Griffin III is the most recent Heisman Trophy winner and was just selected as the #2 overall draft pick by the Washington Redskins. A few people are projecting him as being the next big football star. He’s also engaged to this nice little lady he met back at Baylor.

His little jawn was seen around the Maryland area copping a brand new Bentley. That’s normal for a big-time NFL player, buuuuut RGIII hasn’t even signed a damn contract yet!

The Bentley could have been sponsored or better yet RG3 already has big time sponsors in Subway and Adidas so I am sure he can afford it.  Maybe she was just test driving it, but to call her a groupie or gold digger is a bit much.

Just always remember what happened to Antoine Walker and T.O.

Make sure to manage your money properly, don’t put it into hands you can’t trust, keep the entourage small and invest wisely.

Also read my Cheating Commandments and he will be fine.


101 thoughts on “Robert Griffin III Buys His Fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat a Bentley, Maybe

  • This story was on MTO. According to them a MTO reader saw her driving a new Bentley. In other words this story is bullshit. They alsways start some bs.

  • Another brother who gives riches to his caucasian woman. Bet ya 2 million that if the girlfriend was black she sould have gotten a “thank you for staying by my side baby” and dumped for the always available big tit whitey. I am a Redskins fan but now I will have to root for my other teams. Racist? You damned right I am!!

    • Amen…this HURTS!

      • Oh yeah, he would rather marry a pale, quick wrinkling, face corpse-colored women.

        • lmfao…black males worship white women.

      • You hit it right on the head there Andrew

      • Dumb A$$!!

      • Black women are strong women. As anyone watched deadly women? The majority of the women who kill their husbands and lovers is white. Wanna guess why they kill for money. I say run for your RG3…

    • Well if you like the rest of the “strong black women” maybe he dont want one that is 300 lbs..just sayin white is right

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        • Thank you for speaking with passion on our behalf.

      • There is alot of fat women in this world. I guess he will have to pay for botox too. Black don’t crack.

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    • damn right u are, you’re just mad that he’s not dating u, and you’re still broke, u self-hating low life bitch, stop fuckin hating

    • You are so racist dude.

    • Best wishes for the newlyweds.
      I doubt it was a conscious slam to sisters, just some dudes like light meat and some like dark meat. No offense to anyone. It’s just what does it for him.

    • sound like a bitter fat black bitch. if you attitudes weren’t so shitty and reeking of entitlement. maybe brothas would want you. good for him not having to deal with a racist entitled bitch.

  • A Bentley ? Without being hitched (I know they are engaged) ?

    Seriously, you just gave her something to get “jacked” in.

  • Everybody is entitled to their opinion and people can date/mate whomever they what……..

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