The Curious Case of Lebron James Double Headband (Photo)

Several theories on why Lebron has debuted the double headband.

The one I believe is this one. It was relayed to me from a source with knowledge of the situation who says that Lebron felt the single headband was being knock off his head too much.

You know what becomes visible when Lebron’s headband gets slapped off.

So the custom made Double Headband was made to insure the King’s hairline doesn’t appear on ESPN, TNT or ABC. It is working because he was bullied around last night against the Thunder and the headband never moved.

It is like a Lacefront headband.

2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Lebron James Double Headband (Photo)

  • Let it go Lebron. MJ stopped fighting this losing battle early and just shaved it all off. Lebron needs to do the same.

  • “It is like a Lacefront headband.”

    You stay clownin!

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