Allen Iverson Coming to Motivate Philly Will be in Attendance Celtics vs. Sixers Game 6


If this was a movie, A.I. would come out of the stands crossover Paul Pierce and dunk on KG in the final seconds to win the game for Philly and force a game 7.

Since this isn’t a movie, A.I. will show up around the 2nd quarter get a loud ovation and leave in 4th quarter with Boston comfortably ahead.

South Philly, the arena is sure to be rocking. Yes, the fans will show up in droves because, with the Celtics leading the East Conference Semifinals 3-2, it’s potentially the last home game of the season for the Sixers. And, yes, the fans will be extra edgy in response to Kevin Garnett’s “fair-weather” comments.

More than that, though, the fans will be in a frenzy because, as multiple sources confirmed with SLAM, Allen Iverson will be in attendance at the game.


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