Dexter Pittman Exacts Revenge on Pacers Lance Stephenson With Wicked Elbow (Video)

Pacers talked a lot of trash speaking about being bullies and physical play.

But in the last two games they have been abused Tyson vs. Spinks style.

Lance Stephenson has been punked by Juwan Howard and just mauled by Dexter Pittman for his choking gesture against Lebron James.

Pittman’s elbow 10x worse than Metta World Peace’s elbow. Pittman lines up Stephenson and forcefully elbows him in the throat with the sole intention of hurting him.

Of course he only got a Flagrant 1 because the refs are blind. Pittman and Haslem both should be suspended and the Pacers need to get their cornbread back if they want to send this to game 7.