Dwyane Wade Designing $500+ Loafers..Would You Buy Them? (Photos)

D Wade could be getting into the shoe design business.  Would you rock the above loafers if they were around $500 just to say you are wearing something Wade designed?

Personally, I will stick to Supermarket of Shoes, but here are the details.

Dwyane’s patent-cowskin-wingtips and suede-berry-slipper-skeakers are custom pairs, unavailable for the masses to enjoy.

Del Toro designer, Matthew Chevallard, initially made a few shoes for Wade, who in turn was so moved by the innovative designs that the company encouraged him to whip up a few pairs of his own. No further word on a complete collection but when the news breaks, you’ll be the first to know.

One thought on “Dwyane Wade Designing $500+ Loafers..Would You Buy Them? (Photos)

  • No Way…

    Anyone who wears those shoes must be desperate for attention…..

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