Lakers Support Mike Brown, Following Magic Johnson’s Firing Comments

The Lakers in my opinion were never considering firing Mike Brown win or lose tonight. Regardless of what Magic Johnson wanted you to believed.

I laid out the multiple reasons Brown has done a good job with the Lakers with his first season with the team (Magic Johnson Says Mike Brown Will Be Fired If Lakers Lose Game 7).

I believe Magic Johnson was pushing his own agenda to get Mike Brown fired and was subtly trying to implant the seed into Lakers Fan.

Basically a form of Inception (hopefully you watched the movie).

The Lakers will be releasing a statement in Mike Brown’s defense and here is what Mike Brown’s agent had to say.

“From my talks with the Lakers it was Magic’s opinion and no way a reflection of the organization’s position on Mike Brown,”

I know Lakers fan has an expectation of Championships, but if they are reasonable they should see this particular team has a lot of flaws and it isn’t surprising they are being pushed to a 7th game.  They are a good team, but not a championship team.

That is more David Stern’s fault (for blocking Chris Paul trade) than anything Mike Brown has done.