Police Thought Pilar Sanders Was Faking Her Broken Arm, Arrested Her at Hospital

On the day that Pilar Sanders was arrested for her altercation with Deion Sanders she went to the hospital saying she had an arm injury (Pilar Sanders Transported to Hospital After Altercation With Deion Sanders).

It appears that the Prosper Police thought that was Pilar was faking her injury, so they came to the hospital to arrest her.  A source at the hospital tells us what happened next.

The Prosper Police took Pilar out of her emergency room bed, handcuffed her and put her in the back of a police car.  The entire time she was saying that she was really hurt and asking for X Rays, the doctor who was examining her also said she should get X Rays, but the police decided to remove her from hospital.  The police were rushing the ER staff and Pilar was asking for X Rays and a counselor because she said Deion choked her, but it was hectic and they blew her off.  She did appear to be in some pain, but they kept saying she was making it up.

As everyone knows knows now, Pilar did suffer broken arm and thumb, so she wasn’t faking that.  She says it happened when Deion hit her with a statue in home during the altercation. She spent about a day in jail without the proper medical attention.

She also claims that Deion cut her health insurance and so she couldn’t get a proper diagnosis and had to have the bones re-broken and new pin insert to correct the break weeks after incident.

No one knows what really happened, but it does appear the police jump the gun a little bit in just assuming she was faking, you at least have to let the doctor take X Rays before hauling her off to jail.

It wasn’t like she had shot someone and was some sort of flight risk, they could have waited a couple of hours for her to get the X Rays and then if she was faking they could have included that in their police reports.

Makes them look real suspect.


5 thoughts on “Police Thought Pilar Sanders Was Faking Her Broken Arm, Arrested Her at Hospital

  • She has already stated before the police seem to be in Deion or someone’s pocket. This behavior would indicate this is true.

    When you have police officers that have “decided” they KNOW what is going on within a home during a domestic altercation they quit observing and just react. I have worked with many women that were abused but the husbands were trying to set them up with the police as the abusers. Then when they were “ready” they could start divorce proceedings and get custody. Why? NOT because they love the little darlings, but because they are able to collect $ from child support and alimony if there is “abuse” on the wife’s part, force her to provide lifetime medical, especially if the husband is then able to file and get approved for Social Security Disability, because she has “damaged” him so bad he can’t work. In truth he is cagy as a fox and pothead lazy so would neglect the children if he did have to take care of them.

  • I’m confused. Her arm seemed fine when she was released from jail and gave interview?? That’s a lot of pain to be in to walk casually out of jail like that. And she had to have it “re-broken”?? Idk about that, something ain’t adding up lol

  • @Msdee, is that so?
    I feel so sorry for her at first. So it seemed that its like really sort of faking. Still, confusing.

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