Usain Bolt Breaks Up With Girlfriend Lubica Slovak For Olympics or Because She is White


There is probably another reason why Usain broke up with his girlfriend. I will explain after the report from

The Jamaica Star reported on Thursday that Bolt, 25, has put his relationship with 28-year-old fashion designer Lubica Slovak on hold.

Their report states that Bolt wants to “focus his energies on creating new records on the track,” and that he “cannot afford any distraction at this time.”

Another report says the split “was a mutual decision between two adults.”

The two reportedly had been dating since last December.

If you didn’t know, Lubica Slovak is white. Usain got a lot of flack about his relationship with the fashion designer after a picture of the couple kissing was published in the Jamaican Observer. Many Jamaicans felt a sense of betrayal by Bolt because he was dating a white woman.

I hope Usain really did split with his girlfriend to focus on training. If he did it just because of the backlash then he is really weak and Lubica deserves better.


  1. I think they both had their fun and it’s time to move on….I don’t think race had anything to do with it…they’re both young and not ready to settle down

  2. You know, it could be possible that the relationship did not work out. For Christ sakes maybe he wasn’t that into her

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