Chris Bosh’s Lawyer Sends His Baby Mama Allison Mathis Letter Saying Get a Job


Allison Mathis released a video showing Chris Bosh being enthusiastic about learning she was pregnant with his first child. She also went on to say several other things painting Bosh in a very negative light. Not a coincidence all this is going on during a time where Bosh is at the apex of his popularity and fame. Bosh’s lawyer sent a letter to Mathis’ lawyer threatening to sue her for invasion of privacy. READ CHRIS BOSH’S LETTER THREATENING TO SUE HERE The most interesting part of the letter isn’t the invasion privacy parts it is this. Do you still believe Ms. Mathis doesn’t know where her next meal is coming from and needs food stamps.


  1. Bosh handled this perfectly made no mention of it publicly and let the lawyers handle is. 250K in 2010 comes out to over 10K a month she blew in 2 years

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