David Stern Asked Jim Rome if He Still Beats His Wife In Response to NBA Corrupt Questions


The good news is it doesn’t appear that Jim Rome beats his wife.

What actually happened was David Stern was just being an ass as usual.  To be honest he was totally out of line with the reply, because it makes it seem like there has been incidents in the past of domestic violence (there hasn’t been).

Stern was trying to sarcastic and failed miserably in his attempt, solidifying his bully status.

David Stern is sick of being asked about whether or not the NBA draft lottery is rigged.

Undaunted, Jim Rome asked Stern about the lottery this afternoon. In a mocking tone, Stern shot back, “have you stopped beating your wife?” as if to say that’s how much credibility the question has. It doesn’t appear as if Rome has ever had any such incident.

But, Stern skated around the question……………………….

I am 100% sure David Stern scored the Pacquiao vs. Bradley for Bradley.

Here is the audio:


  1. Robert, how did Stern skate around the question. the first thing he said was “i have two ways to answer that question and the first way is that, no it was not rigged”. that’s about as direct an answer as there is.

  2. and stern is right that it’s a cheap tactic on rome’s part. if you’re rome, why ask it? it’s not like stern is going to be like “it’s time to confess. it was rigged. by the way, 1985 was rigged too”. rome was baiting him.

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