Dwight Howard Claims The Magic Blackmailed Him & Is Threatening Legal Action

Let me make sure I understand this.

Dwight Howard could have done the same thing that Deron Williams did. Refused to sign his opt in and became an unrestricted free agent, but instead he did sign it and held a press conference stressing how loyal he was..


He is saying the Magic blackmailed him to become a free agent and sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

Howard picked up the option for the final year of his contract with Orlando on March 15. But since then, he has grown increasingly disgruntled with the organization, even telling people close to him that he feels the Magic blackmailed him into signing the “opt-in” clause.

Howard shared his feelings of being blackmailed by the Magic with the NBA Players Association last week, sources said. He — either himself or through his representatives — approached the union wondering if he might have a legal complaint against the club.

The goal of such a complaint would be to eliminate his “opt-in,” thereby allowing Howard to become a free agent this summer.

Sources said the union has no plans to pursue any such legal action against the Magic.

Exactly how did the Magic blackmail him?

Did they force him to sign the opt in for $19 million? Did they kidnap one of his 5 baby mamas? Is Dwight a grown man or a 8 year trapped into a grown man body?

No one forced him to sign that deal it was his choice and to accuse the Magic who have bent over and let Dwight screw them of blackmailing him is one of the craziest accusations I have ever heard in sports history.

And people said Lebron was the villain.

But should we be surprised?  Dwight Howard is the same guy who doesn’t claim 4 of his 5 kids.

3 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Claims The Magic Blackmailed Him & Is Threatening Legal Action

  • you dont know what goes on in the personal life of a basketball player…

  • I wish someone would blackmail into playing basketball for them for 19 million dollars for one year.
    Where can I sign on the dotted line.

  • Magic brass should do everything it takes to get Howard out of Orlando on the first thing smoking.

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