ESPN Now Reporting Patriots Are Releasing Chad Ochocinco

Adam Schefter has said to different things in last hour, but now he is reporting Patriots are releasing Chad Ochocinco.

It does appear that Ocho’s time with the Patriots is over.

3 thoughts on “ESPN Now Reporting Patriots Are Releasing Chad Ochocinco

  • Hope you can catch on to another team dude (if it is true that you are being released).

    Otherwise, all you’re going to see of Ms. Evelyn is a High-Yellow Vapor Trail as she runs out on you……

  • They close the shop for filming. It is actually a real shop, and has been long before this show. He actually tried to get a show that was actually real. It was for their night shift. When all the crazies come in. They never could get a deal on it. Then History Channel gave them a deal but changing it to the current format was what they had to do to get it.  So its not their fault its all fake, its History’s. I mean the show is not really about people pawning stuff. Thats why History, the shop, and most viewers dont care its not real. The show is about the items themselves. So viewers can see, and learn about those items. If it was actually about just pawning normal stuff, it wouldnt be able to be on HISTORY channel.

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