Evander Holyfield Owes $372k In Child Support, Faces Jail Time

Holyfield at one time had his wife and two mistresses pregnant at the same time, while being a preacher.

I always thought that was the funniest thing in the world. Holyfield was one of the original athletes to get caught up in the media swarm of having multiple baby mamas and going broke.

But, he missed the social media age, so he has been flying under the radar with his problems until now.

The GA. Dept. of Human Services has gone to court on behalf of Evander’s 18-year-old daughter Emani Holyfield … claiming the former champ hasn’t paid a dime of court ordered child support since April 2010, and his tab is now $372,097.40.

The DHS is fed up with the waiting game … so it’s asking a judge to lock up Holyfield and garnish his wages until he antes up the back support.

Evander’s rep tells TMZ she was unaware of the situation but added, “Mr. Holyfield has a wonderful relationship with his daughter.”

It appears Emani is trying collect before she is to old to get any more money.

The question begs does Holyfield even have almost $400k to give?

2 thoughts on “Evander Holyfield Owes $372k In Child Support, Faces Jail Time

  • These guys aren’t making their required child support payments or they’re broke as hell filing for bankruptcy. *smdh*

    Warren Sapp
    Terell Owens
    Antoine Walker
    Dennis Rodman
    Allen Iverson

    Is this a recurring theme with famous black athletes or is the media only picking on them?

  • A lot of famous people owing back child support. Weird though, the richer you are the more money you have to pay out even though the cost of raising a child wouldn’t be different from a rich person vs a poor person.

    Child Support Enforcement

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