Fan Claims Amar’e Stoudemire Called Him a “Fag” Via DM on Twitter (Photos)

Quick Twitter 101 lesson.

If you are following someone they can send you a private Direct Message, but you can’t reply to it. It comes in handy for athletes and entertainers who like to respond to people, but don’t want it on their public timeline or want to get into a lengthy discussion.

For instance Skip Bayless DMs a lot of people, but no one can DM him back because he only follows one person.  The reason I know this is people send me copies of the DMs all the time.  Relax, he is just talking like Skip, nothing to see here.

So, what you are about to see is totally plausible.

Considering the time between the Tweets and the fact that @BFerrelli didn’t really say anything that bad, I tend to believe that Amar’e sent this DM.

If that is the case that makes Amar’e softer than Drake sending love notes to Chris Brown.

Be a man, if you want to call him a “Fag”, don’t be scared do it in public where the world can see. Furthermore, how much of any idiot can you be in 2012 to do something like that and think the guy wouldn’t screenshot it?

Once again if Amar’e did this he isn’t only being soft, he is also a Moron and history shows he is certainly capable of being both.


More fans are coming about to talk about Amar’e DM foul messages.

11 thoughts on “Fan Claims Amar’e Stoudemire Called Him a “Fag” Via DM on Twitter (Photos)

  • When will athletes learn that Twitter is not for them. People look up to these players and then they go and say dumb stuff like this. I expect a whole lot of backtracking/covering up of this over the weekend, and of course a tremendous amount of backlash from the LGBT commmunity. Just pure idiocy on this guys part, then again he did punch a fire extinguisher…

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