If OKC and Scott Brooks Can’t Agree on Contract, Phil Jackson Could Be in the Mix

I think Scott Brooks has done an excellent job with the Oklahoma City Thunder and he gave a wonder speech to his team about having class and keeping their heads up high when it became obvious they were going to lose to the Miami Heat.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that he was outcoached in the NBA Finals.

Outcoached maybe wrong word, he was stubborn and not flexible in making changes.

He never seem to find the most effective rotation and he could have ran a tighter ship especially when his team got to Miami (James Harden and other members of the Thunder were partying as much as practicing).

He never figured out a way to at least slow down Lebron James and the Heat 3 point shooting. I was waiting for 5 games for him to implement some sort of zone, but it never happened.

In my mind it would be prudent for OKC to give Phil Jackson a call.

The reality is that Brooks and his bosses, after months of talks, don’t have a deal … and time is running out. And sources say that the Thunder, just to be safe, have started brainstorming in-house about whom they plan to pursue should negotiations with Brooks collapse. Two names, according to sources, that have come up in those discussions: ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy and, yes, 11-ringed coaching free agent Phil Jackson.

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  • So, you think that they are going to pay PJ around 10-12 Mill,but won’t give brooks 5! Stop pulling things out of your ass,you dumb ass.

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