Judge Denies Floyd Mayweather Request to Be Released From Jail

I thought Mayweather had a decent shot of getting out of jail.

I was wrong, they judge didn’t buy Mayweather’s woe is me claim.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, the judge called B.S. on Mayweather’s claim that he’s dehydrated behind bars — saying the boxer’s condition is “self-induced as water is made available to [Floyd] twenty-four hours a day.”

As for Floyd’s gripe that he’s only consuming a fraction of the calories he needs — the judge says it’s because “[Floyd] chooses not to eat the food provided.”

The judge also balked at Floyd’s complaint that he can’t train at a world class level while serving his time — saying, “While the training areas and times provided to Floyd may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses.”

2 thoughts on “Judge Denies Floyd Mayweather Request to Be Released From Jail

  • He might as well just do the time and move on with his life….and keep his hands off his baby mama…no matter what the bitch says or does….just pay her the child support and try to be active in his sons lives

  • I dont recall Ali and Tyson coppin these lame excuses

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