Kris Humphries Says Kim Kardashian’s Mom Kris Jenner Directed Her Sex Tape



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Can’t say that I am surprised by this and it worked, so nice job Momma Jenner.

It wasn’t like the Kardashians were broke before the Ray J and Kimmy sex tape, but no one knew who they were. Now they are international superstars while Ray J can’t even hang out with the Money Team anymore.

Kris Humphries trashed Kim Kardashian and her family in conversations and text messages to his former girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj … telling her Kris Jenner not only directed Kim to shoot her sex tape, but to re-shoot because Kris J didn’t think the first one was pretty enough.

Sounds about right even though Kimmy’s people is denying it.

Let me go take another look at it while I chill in my indoor/outdoor pool.


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