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Darren Rovell Twitter Poll Compares Joe Paterno and Tiger Woods Scandals

by BSO Staff | Posted on Saturday, July 14th, 2012
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Darren Rovell has been very successful at building his personal brand through Twitter. The sports business reporter from CNBC (who will be headed to ESPN soon) has made a career out of reporting interesting facts on things having to do with the business surrounding sports. 90% of the time he is a pretty interesting follow, but sometimes he makes you wonder if he lent Roddy White his account. (Just ask @richarddeitsch who has engaged Rovell in some pretty epic Twitter arguments.)

Today, he may have asked his dumbest poll question ever. Who hurt their brand more, Joe Paterno or Tiger Woods?

I would like to know on what planet having direct knowledge of sexual abuse and failing to protect the victims is comparable to cheating on your wife. What Joe Paterno did at Penn State has nothing to do with branding, it has to do with human decency. Sure, what Tiger Woods did was bad but to compare it to protecting Jerry Sandusky, a sexual predator, is insane and I hope Rovell realizes that.

But you know what is worse than asking that question? That some people think what Tiger Woods did was worse. Here is the tweet of the results.

I really hope those 14 people who voted Tiger Woods were just trolling, because they may need to get themselves checked out at well.

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