Does The Acquisition of Steve Nash Make the Lakers Instant Title Contenders?

Remember when Steve Nash said it would be difficult for him to put on a Lakers jersey?

Remember when it was a done deal the Nash was going to the Knicks?

This is why you never believe anything until you hear it right from the horse’s or in this case Canadian’s mouth.4

The million dollar question is how does this helps the Lakers.  Defensively it doesn’t because Nash isn’t a great defender.  The Lakers will still have problems in the pick and roll and slowing down explosive guards like Russell Westbrook and crafty ones like Chris Paul.

But, considering for the longest time they were trotting out Derek Fisher as their starting point guard this is nothing new.

The brilliance of Nash is on the offensive end.

Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and yes Kobe Bryant will all benefit from him being on the floor, the amount of easy baskets he will get for those three will be high in numbers (this is assuming Bynum or Gasol isn’t traded).

Plus all those open shots that Steve Blake and Ramon Sessions were missing will now be taken by Nash one of the most accurate shooters in the game.

Is just the addition of Nash enough to push the Lakers past Oklahoma City?

That is yet to be determine, but any team with Steve Nash becomes a better team.  The Lakers who were denied by David Stern Chris Paul, get the older alternative and it should be fun to watch.

3 thoughts on “Does The Acquisition of Steve Nash Make the Lakers Instant Title Contenders?

  • How’s Nash going to be effective when Kobe is repeatedly taking those bad long jumpers?

    This trade will work if Kobe allow Nash to run and direct the offense. I doubt it will happen but oh well. On a side note, The Laker PG position is simple. Protect the ball, get the ball in Kobe’s hands, and hit the open jumper. Does that fit Steve Nash?

    • I forgot to add play solid defense above.

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