Eagles DeSean Jackson Rapping to Local Media in Philly & It is Terrible (Video)

I hope DeSean Jackson understand at least from my perspective that I have nothing against him. He may feel the media comes down hard on him for some of his actions, but a lot of that he brings on himself.

The reason I am hard on him is because I don’t want to see him on Dr. Phil like T.O. in 10 years. We have seen too many talented athletes after their career is over life go down the drain.

The signs are there. The record label, the suspect friends, the bad money management, the lawsuits and etc. He needs to go listen to Pacman Jones, Michael Irvin or T.O. before it is too late.

I wouldn’t want him to become just another statistic. He seems to have a passion for the music industry, which is great. Hopefully he is handling his business the proper way. You can be a terrible rapper like him and still be successful there are numerous examples of that.  Unfortunately there a few if any examples of athletes being successful in that genre besides Shaq.

When asked if he would do a freestyle during the report, DeSean responded, “I don’t go out on the field without getting my game right, so what you see me doing here is getting my game right.”

Just remember what your day job is.

5 thoughts on “Eagles DeSean Jackson Rapping to Local Media in Philly & It is Terrible (Video)

  • Video won’t load for me. I want to see this.

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