Lou Williams to Sign With Atlanta Hawks

I am almost 100% sure that Lou Williams signed with Hawks because he feels his rap career will flourish in the ATL.

I am being Dead Serious.

Lou Williams will reportedly sign a multi-year contract with the Atlanta Hawks, according to a tweet on Tuesday afternoon from Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com.

Williams took to Twitter on July 6 to let his fans know that he would not be returning to the Philadelphia 76ers, the team that drafted him 45th in the second round of the 2005 NBA Draft. Considered to be one of the steals from that draft, Williams spent his entire NBA career up until now in Philadelphia.

2 thoughts on “Lou Williams to Sign With Atlanta Hawks

  • You failed to mention he is from GA, so being close to home an getting a multi-year contract were probably the primary reasons for him signing with Atlanta not some potential rap career.

  • so him being from atlanta has nothing to do with it???

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