Redskins RG3 New Adidas Adizero 5 Shoe Commercial

Besides not giving him a new hairstyle, Redskins Rookie QB Griffin new commercial is nothing short of intense. Continuing the hype surrounding his introduction into the NFL in the 2012-2013 season, Griffin is making his presence known on and off the field.

Adidas released their commercial “Do What Light Does”, starring the hyped QB Griffin, introduced their 7.9 ounce Adizero 5-star cleats. In the commercial Griffin is portrayed everywhere, the bus driver, trainer, security, hinting that he’s everywhere and you better get use to it. The commercial is everything you expect from Griffin suspense, intensity, and mystery.

This NFL season is going to be the best one yet, this commercial will get you even more excited for kick off on Sept. 5th.

Check out the commercial below.