Strip Club Owner Breaks Down How Strippers Prey on Young Athletes

Men have weaknesses.

Maybe the greatest weakness of all are women. Hard to explain unless you are a men, but starting with Adam and Eve you can see a pattern where men lose their common sense around women.

As you get older you get more of a handle on things in regard to the opposite sex (you should anyway), but when you are young at times it can be overwhelming.

Especially if you are young and recently come into a lot of money. Strippers are mental manipulators who prey on the weak and dumb.

That fits a lot of athletes these days. A strip club owners warns athletes in blunt terms that they are targets.

Strip club owner Sean Bishop warned Minnesota Vikings rookies during a symposium that they should stay away from strip clubs.

“I tell them I am a scumbag club owner who will use and abuse you,” Bishop said. “I just don’t want to see any of them ruin their lives. They need to be protected from themselves.”

Bishop’s message was clear:

  • Stay out of the clubs.
  • Don’t make friends with bar owners.
  • Stay away from the booze-and-sex trade.

Bishop said strip club owners specialize in preying on rich athletes. A-list athletes and their entourages are given free drinks. That’s a small investment because the payoff for the owner comes from the heavy profit produced by strippers giving private lap dances.

Bishop said high-profile customers just lose touch of where they are. That can get them into lots of trouble.

“These guys get comfortable in the VIP section and think they’re not being seen and forget where they’re at,” Bishop said. “Being a competitive athlete, it’s hard for them to turn the other cheek or swallow their pride and walk away from bad situations. Instead, they make a scene and forget where they’re at, because the owner’s treating them like a king, they’re young and think they’re invincible when all it takes is one snapshot and you’re done.

What Bishop says is all true.

Unfortunately, none of the athletes will pay attention because as he said they think they are invincible, but as we have learned no matter how good you are on the court or the field, no one is untouchable.

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