Lolo Jones Hits The Club (Photos)

The brothers will understand this.

We have met many women who personality doesn’t do anything for us but…………………..

Track & Field Olympian Lolo Jones put on some sexy gear this past weekend for a night out at Roundhouse in London. She was spotted showing off her killer legs while rocking leather shorts and spiked toe heels at the celebration party for Team USA Basketball’s win over Spain.

21 thoughts on “Lolo Jones Hits The Club (Photos)

  • We have met many women who personality doesn’t do anything for us but…………………..

    Huh? Proofread much?

    Stop! Grammar time!!!!

  • With TP on her shoe

  • Lolo Jones is a two-time loser. Please stop pretending you speak for anyone but yourself.
    And personality does count. Shame she doesn’t have one.
    Say, do you think it’s smart to go clubbing after losing your second Olympics in a row? I guess when you chase endorsements small things like that don’t matter.
    Sure love that Lolo work ethic! Party all day and hope to win a gold medal.
    I wonder what her excuse will be after she loses in Rio?

  • In her defense she is a Multiple Indoor World Champion along with the world record holder so it isn’t like she’s some scrub. Besides although the Olympics are the be all end all to us American fans, her achievements in the World games and World indoor games, where she has won multiple times, rate higher in the track world. In fact the Olympics are the place she hasn’t won. That said you can’t be photographed with TP on the heels, tacky.

  • My apologies, she is the American record holder. As far as Rio she’ll be 34, no one expects her to win there. She probably shouldn’t have even been in the Olympics considering she had spinal surgery less than a year ago. This is all available via a Google search. As far as clubbing after losing what should she do? Cry in her room by herself? That’s retarded. Please do the minimum for research next time Kenny my boy. You look like the guy who got dissed in the very club she got her picture taken in.

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