Melanie Paige Smith Ask Judge to Not Reduce Terrell Owens’ Child Support Payments

Smith gets paid $5k a month in child support from Terrell Owens.

That is $60k a year. Smith has no job, so it is more her income than Child Support, so she wants to make sure that Terrell Owens doesn’t have his payments reduced.

Melanie Paige Smith — has just filed papers, asking the judge to dismiss T.O.’s payment reduction request.

In the docs — filed by Melanie’s lawyer Randall Kessler — she claims, “It is clear that a downward modification of [T.O.’s] child support obligation is not warranted” due to his new Seahawks contract … as well as his income over the last 5 years, which Melanie estimates to be around $29,000,000.

It is obvious that Owens doesn’t have $29 million right now, so that seems irrelevant.  His payments should be based on his current income not 2007, that doesn’t make any sense.

I wish women would just tell the truth.

If T.O. gets his payments reduced that would force Smith to get a job and that is something she doesn’t want to do.

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  • It doesn’t take $5000 a month to raise a child. Lazy bitch needs to get off her ass and get a job.

  • Have ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPATHY for T.O. becuz He chose to BUST RAW in These Trifling TRICKS Though… He must ENDURE His Mindless & Reckless Behavior LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE with Multiple Baby-Mamas (YUP!!!)

  • Her job was to get knocked up by a high profile athlete so her job is done…lol

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