Miami Dolphins Cut Hard Knocks “Star” Les Brown

The Miami Dolphins announced today that they were cutting Tight End Les Brown. Brown was one of the stars of this season’s Hard Knocks on HBO, unfortunately it was not for his talent.

Brown had an interesting story, not having played organized football since high school. A hot wife, Jamie Lynn Crandall is a former Ms. Utah. Unfortunately, he also couldn’t block a spambot on Twitter.

It was a very nice, Rudy-like, story, but in the end this was football and he just wasn’t very good.

At least he gets to go home with this girl.

Lauren Tannewho?

2 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins Cut Hard Knocks “Star” Les Brown

  • I know who is the happiest to see Les Brown and his beautiful girlfriend Jamie Lynn Crandall go , Lauren Tannehill.

  • Lauren Tannawho ?

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