Publicist Says BBWives Eric Williams Can Twitter Rant, But Allegedly Owes Her Money

Former NBA Player and Basketball Wives cast member Eric Williams have been on a two-day Twitter rant about Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson domestic violence situation.

Some say he is going too far, while others suggest he is just saying what everyone is thinking.

During the mist off all that Williams’ former publicist Tweeted this.

At this point Quin wanted to get her story out about Eric Williams.

How did you first meet Eric Williams?

I first met Eric on Twitter not long after I started my publicity firm, TracyCain Media Group

When did you decide to get into business with him?

After a few exchanged emails and a number of direct messages, I thought I could help him turn some of the negativity he was receiving from the Basketball Wives into something more meaningful. He agreed. He said he had never had a publicist before and it would be nice to have someone on his team for a change. I told him point blank I would need to send over a contract but he shied away from that. He said he was unable to sign anything because of the divorce. However, I still sent it over and he STILL reviewed it and verbally agreed to the terms.
Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have worked with him without a signed contract but I sincerely believed, my re-cooping my fees shouldn’t be a problem. He was very professional, as was I.

What were you hired to do?

Eric was interested in telling HIS story. He was eager for the world to know that he wasn’t this bad guy that Basketball Wives had portrayed him as. I personally thought he was a pretty nice guy as well. Well spoken and very intelligent, which is also why I felt I wouldn’t have a problem.

I knew I could align him with the appropriate media outlets that were interested in his story and what he had going on since he’s been out of the league. From publications, radio, blogs, etc. At that time, I had Eric in every relevant publication out there to help him improve his image.
Our marketing campaign was successful.

Did you complete the task that you were hired for?

Yes, I completed my task. Although this partnership was supposed to be long term, because he had other business ventures he expressed interest in my working on with him, I did completely what I could, with the circumstances given.

What was Eric reasoning for not paying you?

I submitted a proposal to Eric which included social media marketing package, promotions and branding. It also included my working on a few other business ventures he had going on at the time he wanted me to help with. He expressed the fact that he needed marketing badly. But I couldn’t get that far because Eric didn’t pay me for the first batch of Twitter Followers I purchased for him. He knew the price and everything. He asked me to do it, and that he would pay me along with my original fees. I got nothing. This has been going on since the beginning of last year. I stopped corresponding to him a very long time ago. And actually, I sent him a DM today letting him know I was just contacted by a media outlet because someone wants to interview him. I really do try to do the right thing by everyone. Because u never know when this will come back. I didn’t give up on him paying me because I honestly couldn’t figure out a good enough reason as to why he wouldn’t. I guess I’m just wired differently. Because I personally would never do someone like that. He and I weren’t friends. This was business.

How long have you been trying to collect from him?

I tried actively to collect my money for about 6 months. Then I just gave up.

You tweeted about how you found it ironic that Eric was going in on Ocho and Evelyn but hasn’t paid you, was that the final straw in deciding to go public?

Yeah pretty much. I’ve been quiet about this entire scenario until now. But when I read those harsh tweets he was sending to them I was a little disgusted. He has some nerve. The ONLY real publicity he received is because I orchestrated it. And was kind enough to ask the journalist to not ask him about the “alleged baby” he had while he was married. I was a very loyal publicist.

What do you want the world to know about Eric Williams?

I just want the world to know that people are people. And if they show you who they really are earlier enough, you may save yourself a lot of BS on the end. Celebrities or not, people will be who their mothers raised them to be. Whether its in your moral standards or not. They are who they are. The way he treated Jennifer should have been a sign that he has no respect for women. Be it business or personal. That’s it 🙂

It should noted there was never a signed contract, but a verbal agreement between the two.