UCLA LB Patrick Larimore Retires Due To Concussions

The start of the college football season is just around the corner, and everyone expects reports and media coverage about all their favorite teams. But no one wants to hear about a college player having to retire….yes, retire. UCLA linebacker Patrick Larimore announced that he would retire from the sport due to repeated concussions. He suffered a concussion in spring practice and another two days into training camp.

Larimore was a team captain and UCLA most valuable defensive player in 2011. He also lead the team with 81 tackle last season. Larimore was a two year starter and leaves a huge gap to fill for UCLA’s defense.

Coach Jim Mora understood More’s position. “It takes guts, especially at that age, to make the decision, ‘I can’t do it anymore, and if I do my long-term health could be sacrificed’.”, Mora said.

I agree with Mora, it takes a lot of guts. To realize how short your football career is compared to the entire span of your life and choose the latter. Hell, that’s maturity and insight as well, especially for someone so young.

I know some may call his decision crazy. To be able to be apart of something so few people on this earth have the desire, talent, or athletic ability to do. But what the football community is starting to find out is membership to this great fraternity comes at a great price, more often than not, a lifelong price.


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