5 DeMatha HS Football Players Dismissed for Having Sex With Prostitutes on Road Trip

When I saw the headline and with no knowledge of the story I said to myself…

“This is a Catholic School”

I went to Catholic High School and it is something we would have done. It is hard to explain, but when you are 16 and 17 years old and being told daily what you can’t do (there are a lot of rules in Catholicism) anytime you have the chance to wild out you will and they did.

DeMatha removed five players from their perennial powerhouse football program after revelations that players hired prostitutes to the team hotel after an out-of-state game in North Carolina. Paul Tenorio of The Washington Post reported Thursdaythat the incident took place early Saturday morning after the season opener against Hillside.

A parent of one of the five players told Tenorio that the players hired the prostitutes from a North Carolina call service website and that some engaged in sexual activities. The players snuck three prostitutes into the team hotel around 5 a.m. after the final hotel hallway check by the trip’s chaperones.

Somebody’s mom straight snitching.

I am just playing, you can’t have teenagers hiring hookers off Craigslist, leave that for Jason Whitlock.  These had to be some desperate call girls, but I guess if the money right doesn’t matter how old the players are.

I am sure all the kids will get scholarship offers to USC.