Derrick Rose Crying During Press Conference Releasing New Shoe (Video)

A little strange to break down during a sneaker launch.

D Rose seems to be going through some things. It is hard to come back from an ACL and it looks like he is feeling the pressure of being the FRANCHISE player.

You knows he cares that is a good thing, just appears his emotions get the best of him at times, that potentially can be a bad thing, but pretty harmless here. Here is the video from the release of his new show the D Rose 3.

2 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Crying During Press Conference Releasing New Shoe (Video)

  • From what I see, he’s just a humble cat who cares and appears to be asking why did I make it when there are a million others with a simillar story to mine, but they didnt? The man comes from a place where kids like him are not expected to see 25, cliche I know, but real nonetheless. Englewood, the place he loves, where he grew up, learned to ball, and became a man is eating itself alive and noone from the outside seems to care. The kids from his old hood are killing each other for nothing, the schools were at the time on strike leaving at risk youth even more at risk. Add to that, He’s dealing with an injury he may never fully recover from. I don’t find him being overwhelmed by it all and showing emotions strange at all, he just cares. Sorry for the long winded post.

  • Derrick Rose.. from what I see.. is a VERY HUMBLE person. As he commented, “why Him” & He wasn’t suppose to be here.. this man is crying because of the situation that’s going on in his hometown & he has all these positive things going on in his life despite the acl injury. The city where he’s from is no joke so he feels BLESSED to make it!

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