ESPN’s First Take Officially Hires Cari Champion as Host (Photos)


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Very pretty lady, I hope she does well and have much success on the show, but they could have hired Jordin Sparks and I still wouldn’t have watch First Take (well maybe the first episode she was on, but none after that).

Nothing personal against Skip or Stephen A., I just believe the show is more about entertainment and trolling than anything relevant.   Nothing wrong with that, but if I want entertainment I’ll watch re-runs of Seinfeld and Martin.

Congrats to Ms. Champion, she starts on October 1st.

40 thoughts on “ESPN’s First Take Officially Hires Cari Champion as Host (Photos)

  • Ms Champion is fine. I find 1st take to be entertaining so I watch it.

  • There have never been many sistas in front of the camera at ESPN so good for Ms. Champion. I hope she’s as talented as she is attractive.

  • Bathe her, and bring her to me.

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