Fan Who Tweeted Jokes About Torrey Smith’s Brother Death Employer Contacted

Katie Moody sent out two Tweets after the Patriots loss to the Ravens that were quite frankly two of the most despicable Tweets I have seen on my three plus years on Twitter.

“Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him about your wi— ohhhh. Wait. #TooSoon?” @KatieBrady12

“The pats may have lost but at least none of them lost a family member. I’d say that’s a win.” @KatieBrady12

I tweeted her back and called her an awful human being, because you have to have evil inside you to Tweet something like that.  At first she defended her Tweet by saying “everyone was doing it”, but after being lit up by numerous people on Twitter including Ray Rice, she apologized while not really apologizing.

The question begs and I honestly don’t have an answer for this, should someone ignorance in their private time be held against them at their place of employment?

As the story went viral members of the media did some research and found out she worked for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. They decided to contacted her job to get a statement and here was the response they received.

Dennis O’Shea, spokesperson for Johns Hopkins, e-mailed me this response: “Our deepest sympathies are with Torrey Smith and his family. The social media comment that made light of the Smith family’s loss represented the thoughts of one individual. It does not in any way represent the Johns Hopkins community.”

When asked whether or not Moody would face any disciplinary actions for her social media comments, O’Shea responded: “I don’t think we really have anything to say on this subject other than what I sent you.”

The lesson that everyone can learn is whatever you say online can’t be taken back or delete, so be very careful with you words.  Some things should never be joked about and one of those things is death.

People are real bold behind her their computer, but when the get the attention they seek they try to run and hide (she has made her Twitter private not).

If you are going to say something, say it with your chest.  If you are man or woman enough to make fun of someone siblings dying, be man or woman enough to face the media and the fans.

Don’t hide behind your monitor.

Katie Moody our sources has gone into hiding after numerous media requests for her to explain why should say such vile things.

Ironic behind her computer she had not problem talking reckless, but has nothing to say now.

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