Former NFL Running Back Stephen Davis Arrested for Tax Evasion

Stephen Davis played running back in the NFL for 10 years with the Redskins, Panthers, and the Rams. The three time pro-bowler has been arrrested for failure to pay retail taxes on his nightclub in South Carolina, according to CBS’s Greenville, S.C. affiliate:

“Davis owns a club called PURE Lounge located on Berryhill Road in Columbia [South Carolina] according to the Department of Revenue. The Lexington County Detention Center reports Davis is being held for operation of retail business without license and two charges of fraudulent checks/stop payment.”

I applaud his effort to get something going after football because a lot players don’t, i.e. Vince Young, but you have to pay your taxes young man, or they will shut you down. Davis was arrested on Wednesday and charged with operating a business without a license. If convicted, he could face up to 30 days in prison and $200 in fines.