Giants WR Rueben Randle Gives Teammates The Scoop On Morris Claiborne

It must be nice to be a rookie on the defending Super Bowl champions and as the teams fourth wide receiver have all the vets running to you for information on your opening night opponent.

The New York Post is reporting that New York Giants rookie wide receiver Reuben Randle gets to be the king this week.  Maybe he’ll have someone get him breakfast.

Randle has the honor of being teammates at LSU with the Dallas Cowboy’s top overall pick and starting right corner Morris Claiborne.

When asked how often he matched up with Claiborne at practice he responded, “Every day, every single day.’’

Giants receiver have swarmed to Randle for advice on Claiborne.

 “We asked him a few questions on what’s his technique, if he likes to bail, if he likes to jump-jam, stuff like that,’ Hakeem Nicks said.

Randle said Claiborne is the best defensive back he’s ever faced.

“We got after each other each and every day, I think that’s why we’re at the level of play we’re at right now,’’ Randle said of his freshman roommate. “I knew each and every day I was going to get my best work in practice.’’

He also had no problem giving up the goods on his former college teammate.

“I told ’em he likes to quick-jab a lot so just be prepared for that, you got to get his hands off you, because once he gets his hands on you he’s able to control you. You got to get him to open up his hips because if he’s comfortable he’s going to be able to break on any route you are pretty much running.’’

So many subplots heading into tomorrows opening night show down.

Can’t wait.

Do I owe Bart Scott for that.