Kevin Durant Calls Out Skip Bayless For Brainwashing People

Well Skip Bayless continued and continued to push at Kevin Durant and he finally got his response.

Bayless has been giving Durant grief for weeks for being friends with Lebron James, being to nice to Lebron James, and just about anything that doesn’t include Durant disrespecting Bron.

During today’s episode of first take, Bayless was again critical of Durant for working out in Akron with James.

In those comments Bayless insinuated that James owned Durant.

Durant obviously had grown tired of hearing Bayless constantly criticize without merit and fired back some Ether of his own a few minutes ago via twitter.

Durant basically let the public and Bayless know that what Skip doing is a ploy and if you fall for it you are being “Brainwashed.”

Durant immediately took the tweet down, but he got his point across.

Yes Skip got the attention he wanted and Durant let the world know, stop paying so much attention him.

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