NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith Releases Statements To NFL PLayers


With the NFL spinning out of control and people putting out their opinions, it comes as no surprise NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith released a statement. Im surprised he hasn’t released one earlier, Smith has already expressed his concern with the safety and moral of the NFL with the replacement refs on the fields.

The decision by the NFL owners to lockout the referees jeopardizes your health and safety. This decision to remove over 1,500 years of collective experience has simply made the workplace less safe.
It is the NFL’s duty to provide a workplace that is as safe as possible. The League will want fans, the media and sponsors to talk only about ‘the product’ on the field.  We are not product.
While the focus today is about a blown call and the outcome of one football game, our focus as a family of players is and will remain squarely on workplace safety.
Contrary to some reports, we are not crossing any picket line. The referees are not on strike. The Owners locked them out.
We are actively reviewing any and all possible actions to protect you.
Goodell has to see this is nothing but a downhill battle. To save the integrity of the league, the loyalty of fans and the safety of the players, he needs to do all he can to work out a deal with the NFLRA.

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