Rex Ryan Says Reggie Bush Misunderstood His Put Hot Sauce On Him Remarks

Don’t get nervous now Rex.

Rex Ryan is backpedaling from his comments he made regarding the Jets defense needing to pour hot sauce on Reggie Bush.

Bush took those comments as the Jets trying to take him out.

Bush did eventually leave the game.

So did Jets corner Darrelle Revis.

The injury to Revis prompted Bush to consider it karma for the Jets trying to hurt him.  Bush said he had no sympathy and what comes around goes around.

Rex lobbied to ESPN New York  that Bush took the comments the wrong way and that he meant it as a compliment.  “You have to pour a ton of attention to him.”

“He definitely misinterpreted my comment,” Ryan said, quickly adding, “Next time we play them (Oct. 28), he’s going to get attention from us because he’s a great football player. It’s almost a compliment that’s taken a different way.”

Ryan’s version might be true, but Jets players make it look differently.

LaRon Landry clapped while Bush was down, and after the game, linebacker Calvin Pace stated “We had to put him out.”

Ryan continued to explain that he wanted his defense to play hard.

“I respect the game and I respect the players in the league,” he said. “The men who play this game are special people. I don’t ever want to see anybody leave the field due to an injury. But I want to be physical.

“We want to hit guys, there’s no question about that. We want him to go back to the huddle (and say), ‘Do I really want to go back and stick it in there hard, because I’m going to get hit?’ We want to be as physical as we can be, but I’m never going to injure players.”

I don’t think Rex Ryan maliciously went out to have Reggie Bush hurt.  Bush has a history of missing games and being a bit soft anyway.

Just watch how you word things Rex.