Terrell Owens Dating Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams?


You would think considering what happened to his friend Chad Johnson that T.O. wouldn’t be anywhere near any female that has been on a reality show.

But, here was T.O. coming out of a store looking guilty with Basketball Wives star and Evelyn Lozada former BFF turned mortal enemy Jennifer Williams.

I am sure it could have just been a coincidence, but Missjia.com doesn’t think so.

Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams, was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday with struggling ex football player, Terrell Owens. They both strolled from store to store looking like they were wearing the clothes they slept in the night before. Jenn in her blue night gown with lace and Terrell with his long sleeve black tee and sweatpants.

Jia says they met while Chad and Evelyn’s reality show was taping and have been “friends” ever since.  How long before T.O. gets his Jennifer tat?


  1. Just curious but I thought she was one of the wives with some actually money besides Shaunie. I thought Jennifer owned several or at least a business and that her net worth was sizable. True of false?

  2. So her fling with Maxwell is over? I would think T.O. would think Jennifer has too many “too”s: too dark, too many hair extensions, too prominent in the public eye compared to his usual companions. T.O. likes the spotlight, doubt he would want to be overshadowed. Perhaps he has evolved due to his recent professional and financial misfortunes and it’s forcing him to reconsider more accomplished women as companions.

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