Freddie Roach Thinks Manny Pacquiao Lost His killer Instinct

Manny Pacquiao has taken a few hits to his image as of a late.

There was terrible loss to Timothy Bradley by decision earlier this year, and his inability to get in the ring with one Floyd  Mayweather Jr. has not helped him any either.

Instead of a mega-fight we all want to see, we will see a fourth episode of Pacquiao vs Marquez on December 8.

According to Boxing Scene, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach thinks Manny needs to “regain that killer instinct,” and score a knockout.

“[Marquez] will be more hittable and not so much a counter-puncher. I think we need a knockout to secure his number one spot in the world. He needs to be impressive and a knockout would be impressive,” Roach said.

“In the first one [Pacquiao] was aggressive in the beginning of that fight. In the second fight we had one knockdown and in the third fight we had none. He just lost that killer instinct. In the first fight he was trying to knock him out, but Marquez is very resilient also. You have to take that factor in also. We need to bring back that killer instinct where he finishes guys like he used to.”