Jared Allen Says His Knee Is As Valuable As Tom Brady’s

The NFL’s defensive players have been in an uproar since Texans linebacker Brian Cushing tore his ACL on a chop block by the Jets Matt Slauson.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews called out the NFL for it’s perceived double standards in regards to the protection defensive players get from the league.

Now another high-profile defensive player has added his own comments to the situation, and they are comical, cynical, and true at the same time.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Vikings all pro defensive end Jared Allen was on NFL Network yesterday, and let his feelings be known.

In Allen’s opinion, his body parts are just as important as the best offensive players are.

“In a league that talks about taking care of  defenseless players – players in defenseless positions — that is a situation [where there is] nothing he can do to defend himself,” Allen told NFL Network on Friday.  “There is no place [for] that.  If you take a guy’s knee, he may never be the same player after that.  If we are going to talk about player safety, it needs to be equality [for] all players. My knee is just as valuable as Tom Brady’s in my eyes.  There are hits on the [defensive players] that could be illegal and probably save some defensive players.”

Allen is absolutely right in his statements and all players should be protected to the fullest extent.