Kareem Says Andrew Bynum is Passionate About Money, Not Playing Basketball

I think if you gave every NBA player truth serum and asked them what motivated them more getting paid or winning, 80% would say straight cash homie.

Might be more than that.

I am sure they all want to win, but bottom line is it is a business and a lucrative one at that, so they are trying to cash out.

Andrew Bynum is no different, it is he is just more blunt about the fact there are “banks in every city”, so what Kareem is saying courtesy of the Boston Globe doesn’t surprise me at all.

“Andrew’s a nice kid — I am not knocking him — but if I was 21 or 22 and signed a contract for $50 million, I might be affected by it, too. He’s not passionate about the game; that’s a great word. But he does like getting paid. So that’s where I think you can figure out what’s going on with him.”

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