Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Headed Toward $67 Million Divorce

With reports like this either they are on to something or it is totally fictional. When dealing with Lamar Kardashian it is hard to tell what is true and what isn’t.

This particular report from Star Magazine has Lam Lam going to a divorce attorney to make sure Khloe can’t get a hold of his $67 million and ready to go hang out at Kobe’s bachelor pad.

One source claims that Lamar has even had a secret meeting with a divorce lawyer. “He wants to be sure he’s protected, because he knows the Kardashians will try to fight . . . [Lamar’s] trying to keep his intentions quiet for now, so he can focus on his NBA comeback.”

“He’d rather just serve her with papers and be done.”

Khloe’s people have denied the rumors.

“It’s so not true what they’re saying,” Khloe’s close friend EXCLUSIVELY tells about Star magazine’s cover story claiming the two are on the brink of divorce. “It’s completely bogus! She seriously couldn’t be happier. She and Lamar are totally fine.”

Either way, I am sure it will end up on the reality show.

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