Lawrence Taylor Says Tebow Should Find a Nice Lady and Get Laid (Video)


That sounds like pretty sound advice to me.

LT was on Showtime’s Inside the NFL where he was asked a fictional question by someone named “Tim” on how to relieve stress while playing football in the Big Apple.

Check out his answer below.

LT was being considerate, he said Tebow should marry the girl if he need be.

According to Sportress of Blogitude this is a relatively new segment of the show and I get the feeling we won’t be seeing LT back for a while.

If Tebow really is a virgin (I have my doubts) he doesn’t know what he is missing, but LT is telling the truth nothing is a better stress reliever.

LT should have added to check her ID first…….


  1. LT called it:

    BUT……. Whichever female “puts it on him” is going to mess his mind up, Forever. She will own his deprived anus.

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